Monday, June 5, 2017

100 Days of Art: Day 4 - Optical Illusion Art

The kids and I did a really fun art project today! We made optical illusion art, complete with pictures of them "falling" down a "tunnel". They had a blast! This project took us about two hours from start to finish, but you could break it up into two or even three days.
(Mikaela - age 14)

Materials: paper, ruler, pencil, black marker, colored pencils, picture of your child "falling"

The first thing we did was put a dot in the center of our paper. Then, using a ruler, we drew six lines extending from one end of the paper to the other. Important: Your lines MUST cross ON the dot you drew! 

Next, we traced those lines with a black marker. Then, we drew matching lines on every other section. Then, we drew different lines on the sections that were left.

We talked a little about warm and cool colors, but I let the kids choose whatever colors they wanted to color their projects with. Titus decided not to do a pattern and just colored his randomly!

I took pictures of the kids laying on the floor, pretending to fall. I sized them in Word and printed them out. We cut their bodies out and glued them to the paper! It looks really neat!
(Silas - age 6)

(Titus - age 4)

(Eli - age 11)

(Mercie - age 9)

They had a lot of fun, although Mikalea wouldn't take a "falling" picture for her project (teenagers!). Hers still turned out fantastic (it's at the top!).