Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Reflections on Our Week(s)

It has been several weeks since a real update. I took a much-need hiatus from blogging! Now I'm back, and ready to start blogging several times a week again.

Currently, we are taking a few weeks off from schoolwork. Silas is still practicing his reading using "The Reading Lesson". We are currently on Lesson 7. He has been using My Father's World and the phonics lessons included, and doing very well! I just grabbed "The Reading Lesson" right before we headed off to Pennsylvania, so he could stay fresh with reading.

While learning about rain, Silas did a fun experiment that we have done before. We filled a glass almost all the way with water and squirted shaving cream (clouds) on top. He then used a dropped to drop water (colored with blue food coloring) onto the "clouds" showing how when clouds fill up with water, they get heavy and the water drops as rain to earth.


We took several family pictures on Resurrection Day, and I tried to get a good one of the kids. It's so hard to get five kids to all look the same way and smile at the same time! I can't imagine having more kids trying to get a good picture.

We tried! I am missing lots of pictures from this time period because *ahem* I dropped my phone into the lake, bought a new one, Eli dropped it and shattered the screen (and it had a tempered glass screen protector!), attempted to change the screen and destroyed the phone, and had to buy yet another phone. So I'm trying to get all of my pictures that I *thought* I had backed up onto Google.

I mentioned that we went to Pittsburgh Zoo in my post yesterday. Here are a few pictures. Mercie took all the pictures of the animals! She carried my camera around and had a blast.

How was your week(s)?


  1. Sorry to hear about your phone! The family photos are lovely and your daughter has quite an eye for capturing animals.

    1. Thank you! For a nine year old, I felt like she did a good job! The only ones that didn't turn out were the aquarium pictures.

    2. Thanks for sharing with us at Love to Learn! Pinned.