Monday, May 8, 2017

It's Been Awhile

My husband's job takes us all over the country. We were in Alabama, and now we are in Pennsylvania! We are about thirty miles from Pittsburgh. I have decided to let the kids have about four weeks off from school-work, because we are going to be staying in different hotels,making our way across the state from west to east for a month. 

Since we were less than an hour from the Pittsburgh Zoo, we decided to get a family pass. It was going to cost over $100 for our one-time tickets, and $115 for a family pass. I got the family pass, and we have been twice already! 

We also went to a Pittsburgh Pirates game last Friday night. Unfortunately, it started raining (and it was so cold!) after the third inning. We waited around for over an hour while the game was delayed. We figured they would rain it out, so we left about 9:00 and headed back to the hotel. The little ones were freezing, wet, tired, and hungry! We found out at 11:00 that night they started playing again! There's no way the little kids could have lasted that long, so I'm glad we went home. I'm not so glad we spent over $200 to watch 3 innings...but such is life! Eli, my 11 year old, went to another game on Sunday with a family friend who is working for my husband. He got to watch the entire game, and although the Pirates lost, he had a great time.

Hotel life is...interesting. Having seven people in one room has been a challenge! We have to eat out most of our meals, which is fun for the kids. We eat breakfast in the hotel room, and I've bought bread and lunch meat for sandwiches and some snack foods and drinks for the kids. We found a park nearby, but it's been so cold this past week! It's hard to believe we were swimming two weeks ago and now we are wearing jackets! We went from the highs in the 80s to the highs in the 50s.

I've been trying to lesson plan a little bit with my free time. Silas and Titus are both on week 9 in their My Father's World curriculum. I'm very happy with the Kindergarten and 1st grade curriculum. 

Mercie has completed six (I think) weeks of her 4th grade year. So far, here is what we like and don't like about her curriculum:
  • Mystery of History Volume 1: So far, we love it! The reading is just the right amount each day for her. We take turns reading sentences out loud. There's usually a map to complete each week, and we do a timeline and memory cards for each lesson. I try to find one book for supplemental reading each week, and she does at least one hands-on activity each week.
  • Creation Science (Christian Kids Explore): We like this, too. We are on Unit 2, and so far she has done some fun activities like fruit dissection and making constellations with star stickers.
  • Teaching Textbooks 4: She doesn't like this as much as I do, but I want her to finish it all the way. I think it's helping her, and she makes 95-100% consistently on her lesson. I love the fact that it teaches and grades, and she loves playing the games. 
  • Grammar Minutes: Takes her literally one minute to complete a page each day. Good for review, but there's not much teaching on each concept. She does one a day, and there is 100 "minutes" (pages) so she could finish fairly quickly.
  • Language Lessons for Today: We like this curriculum, but it doesn't take her long each day to complete. I honestly don't like it as much as I thought I would.
We have a few odd and end workbooks that we do, like a writing and another grammar workbook. We will be reviewing Readers in Residence for the Singles Review Crew (a branch of the Homeschool Review Crew), which I am so excited about! 

I'm planning our "Together Time" for when we began school again in a few weeks. We've been reading the Bible, reading a read-aloud, and praying. I'd like to incorporate more - art study, hymn study, poetry reading, learning Hebrew, and some oral language exercises. I've been pretty busy reading and researching some choices.

Have you missed me?

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