Wednesday, May 10, 2017

100 Days of Art: Day 3 - String Art

I've recently found a new hobby - string art! I've seen it all over Pinterest, and I love the look of it. This is one of the first I made. I made this for a friend's new baby girl to hang in her nursery. I figured I would add this to my 100 Days of Art blog project, because who said it had to be the kids art only?

  • wooden board (I used a pallet from WalMart that was about $9)
  • nails (I used wire nails, 16 gauge, 1 and 1/4 inch, about $1 a box)
  • hammer
  • string (I used embroidery floss, ordered from Amazon)
  • template (I found a clip art heart I liked, copied and pasted it into a Word document in the arrangement I liked)
What to do:

  1. Print a template, making sure it will fit on your wooden board. Cut apart if necessary to make it look good.
  2. Place the template on your board, and begin nailing nails in along the black lines. Your paper will stay in place after a few nails. Make sure your nails are as even as possible.
  3. When you have your nails in place, rip the paper off.
  4. Make sure your nails are even.
  5. Choose the color thread you want to use. Tie it off a nail, knotting it twice.
  6. Begin wrapping the string around the nails. There is no set pattern, just make it look how you want it to.
  7. Tie off the string on another nail when you're done stringing it. Trim off the excess.
  8. Enjoy your project!
It is such a simple project. It took me about two hours from beginning to end. The longest and most tedious part is the nailing! The stringing doesn't take long.

I've made several more of these. They are great personal gifts! I am making some to hang in my house.

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  1. I have little wooden boards set aside for this very craft project! These came out great.