Monday, April 3, 2017

Reflections on Our Week

This week the weather was really nice - upper 70s and lower 80s. The kids wanted to swim everyday, and I think we did!

Mercie baked some delicious banana bread from her homemaking book. She did a really great job and made another loaf for her Sunday School class. They ate the whole thing!

Mikaela and Eli read about Christopher Columbus and the early explorers in their history. They read about Louis Pasteur and Alexander Fleming, mold, and penicillin in science. They gave some oral and written narrations, as well as drawing a yeast bud and the basic structure of a mushroom in their notebooks.

Mikaela is reading "Pride and Prejudice", and Eli is reading "Eragon". They are both enjoying their books. They had copywork once this week from their literature, as well as a few sentences taken from their book that they had to dissect. I had them underline, circle, and highlight the parts of speech.

They started reading "On The Writing of English", which is a really neat, vintage book teaching how to write 'essays'. It's fun to read, very conversational and humorous. They worked in "Key to Algebra" and "Key to Decimals" about 30 minutes a day. I love the "Key to..." series.

Mercie learned about ancient Egypt in history and made a pyramid. She read several books, including "Mummies and Pyramids", "Egyptian Pyramids" and "Ancient Egypt". In science, she learned about artificial selection and natural selection. She had to research the variations in a Chihuahua, a Dalmatian, and a St. Bernard. She also had to write down the variations in our family - hair color and type, eye color and height.

She completed lesson 21 and quiz 3 in Teaching Textbooks 4. So far, it's all review from 3rd grade. She did five lessons in "Language Lessons for Today" and four "Grammar Minutes" this week. She worked in her spelling book everyday and passed her "test" with a 100.

Silas is doing well in MFW 1st grade. He learned how to read the "sh", "ch", "th", and "ng" blends. He loves the activities we do for reading, including fun games, books to cut out and write words in, and the "reading review" at the end of each day, where we read the previous lesson's word lists for about five to ten minutes.

He learned about trees this week, and we read some good books. "A Tree for Me" was his favorite, but we also read "The Life Cycle of a Tree" and "A Tree is Nice". We looked at trees outside and did some bark rubbings.

We do a 100 chart and a calendar daily. We also have bean cups, where we use beans to show place value, as well as a coin cup, where we add coins and swap them out for each day. So, if it's day 15, we have a dime and five pennies. We swap the pennies for a nickel and still have fifteen cents. It's a great introduction to money.

Titus learned the letter "L" this week, and his theme was "Leaf". We read "A Tree is Nice", "Leaves" and "Why Do Leaves Change Color?" He collected leaves outside, and he took his magnifying glass. Before he would put a leaf in the bag, he had to look at it with his magnifying glass. It was so cute! He made a leaf book and leaf rubbings with his leaves.

We played "memory" with his capital and lowercase S, M, and L flashcards. We used his picture cards to listen for the beginning sounds of S, M, and L. He had to put the card in the correct stack. He learned the number 3, and we also have a 100 chart and calendar daily. He is learning the months of the year and days of the week. He is also learning to count above 12- when he gets to 12, he starts with 18, 19...

The kids enjoyed strawberries and powdered sugar this week - a treat my grandmother used to give my sisters and me when we would visit her.

How was your week?