Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Kindergarten at Home

This is my fifth time to teach kindergarten. My "baby" will be five years old in July, but we started My Father's World Kindergarten with him 5 weeks ago. As you know, I am trying to use Charlotte Mason's influence in our homeschool, and she wasn't a big fan of formal education at a young age. I'm not either, even though I am using a curriculum with my almost-five year old son.

My Father's World Kindergarten (MFW-K)  is a very gentle curriculum. We spend maybe 30-45 minutes a day using it, and most of that time is spent reading books and discussing. MFW-K has a huge book list in the back of the teacher's guide that I take to the library with me. I try to find as many books as I can on that list, and some that aren't on the list.

We spend a few minutes each day reviewing letters and sounds and learning a new letter and sound. Titus uses a salt tray to practice writing his numbers. He has a few worksheets each week to do, but he loves completing them. They are quick and simple worksheets - sound discrimination, handwriting, and cut and glue type worksheets. He usually has one a day.

He has a theme for each week based on his letter of the week. For example, S was sun and M was moon. We read lots of living books on the sun and moon, played with our shadows, made a sun-dial, planted seeds, made the moon phases with Oreo cookies, painted a sun and a moon, and made a creation mobile.

There are Bible stories almost daily that correspond with the theme. We sing songs like "This Little Light of Mine" and "The B-I-B-L-E". He listens to classical music and short poems (like "My Shadow").

He plays with Cuisenaire rods and pattern blocks. We have a number of the day craft-stick cup and practice counting each day. He is learning patterns, shapes, and his days of the week. He is learning to put 24-piece puzzles together and build things with Legos. He is learning to make up beds, put away clean clothes, sweep the floor, wipe down countertops, pick up the outside toys and patio, and dust (not all of this everyday!). He is learning the books of the Bible with his older siblings.

We read books, color, draw, paint, and play outside. He can ride a bike without training wheels (and has been for over a year now), swing himself on the swings (no more pushing for me!), and do flips on the trampoline. He knows how to cast his own fishing pole into the water and reel it in. He loves to pick up worms and feel them wiggle on his hands. He picks flowers and collects rocks. We take walks and look at the clouds.

His kindergarten is just what it should be for a little boy his age.
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  1. We really enjoyed MFW for Kindergarten. Looks like he's having a great kindergarten experience!

  2. I used it with my now 9 year old when she was 4. They've updated and changed it some, and it seems much more user friendly now!

  3. Kindergarten was such a fun time. I miss those days.

    1. I am really going to miss it. With Titus being my baby, this is probably my last time teaching kindergarten.

  4. aw, that is such a lovely way to do kindergarten. :) Enjoy those bugs eh?

  5. You are doing a wonderful job schooling your kiddos!!!!