Wednesday, March 29, 2017

100 Days of Art: Day 2 - Pyramids

Mercie has been studying ancient Egypt in the Mystery of History Volume One. Last year, we made pyramids from sugar cubes and gold paint. I was very happy that the activity for this lesson was not a sugar cube pyramid, but a poster-board pyramid!

You will need: poster board, scissors, a ruler, tape, and a pencil (paint is optional)

1.) Cut 5 squares from the cardboard, 9 inch by 9 inch.
2.) Put one square to the side to be the base of your pyramid.
3.) Draw a dot at the top center of your remaining four squares (at 4.5 inches).
4.) Draw a line from the center of the dot to the bottom left corner, and then from the center dot to the bottom right corner. Do this on all four squares.
5.) Cut on the lines so you have four isosceles triangles.
6.) Tape the triangle to the base (the other square) and then to each other to form a pyramid.
7.) Paint if desired.

After Mercie made her pyramid, Silas decided he needed one, too. I cut his squares 5 inch by 5 inch and drew his center dot at 2.5 inches. It made a cute little pyramid that he painted as well.

You could use any measurements as long as they are square. Mercie and Silas had fun making and painting these pyramids.

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Day 2: Pyramids

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